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The Community Services Department is committed to delivering quality programs and services that strengthen our families and create a nurturing environment where everyone can achieve their maximum potential. Our facilities and programs are designed to meet the needs of a diverse and changing population.


Community Services Activity Guides are published and delivered to Mount Pearl households three times a year (late December, mid-May, and mid-August) and our Community Events Calendar is published and delivered to homes late December of every year.  These guides include the full range of programs and services of the department as well as those services provided by numerous community agencies.



Mission Statement

"Mount Pearl  Community Services Department strives to enhance the quality of life for all  who live, work and visit Mount Pearl.  We encourage the development of healthy lifestyles through the provision of safe, accessible, diverse and high-quality recreation and leisure opportunities."

The Community Services Department is an integral part of the City's operation and it provides a much-valued soft service for our citizens.  We are proud to offer programs and services to all people in the regional catchment area.  Please view  the complete listing of programs and services and/or the facilities and rentals.    

Municipal Enforcement Services

The Municipal Enforcement Division actively enforces City regulations as well as traffic and parking violations throughout Mount Pearl.



Residents and visitors are encouraged to drop by to speak with our friendly staff at Community Services at any time. We have a very hard working and dedicated team that are available to answer any questions you may have or provide any information you may need.



Complete contact list for the Community Services Department.


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