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The Planning Division provides the following services:

  • Recommends policies to guide and control the long-term growth and development of Mount Pearl.
  • Administers and reviews the Mount Pearl Municipal Plan and its associated development schemes pursuant to the Urban and Rural Planning Act 2000.
  • Administers and reviews the Mount Pearl Development Regulations pursuant to the Urban and Rural Planning Act 2000.
  • Conducts surveys and studies and advises Council on land use, population growth, economic base, transportation needs, public services, the environment, and other matters relevant to the implementation of development plans.
  • Provides general information and advice on re-designations and re-zonings, as well as processing amendments to the Municipal Plan and Development Regulations.
  • Undertakes studies and research projects related to planning and development.
  • Undertakes planning processes for Council and City organizations.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations on all development applications (residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and subdivision developments.
  • Fosters and supports local democratic processes through public advertisements, public opinion surveys, and the holding of open houses, briefing sessions, and public hearings.
  • Provides information to the public through information bulletins and publications.


Mount Pearl Municipal Plan and Development Regulations Documents

Application Forms / Information Bulletins

Approved Permit Listings
Planning and Development Department Documents
Northeast Avalon Regional Plan

Pearl Awards for Urban Design and Gardens


Contact Information

The primary contacts for Planning Services are:


Catherine Howell, Planner
Tel:  709-748-1023  Fax:  709-748-1111
E-mail:  chowell@mountpearl.ca

Christopher Hardy, Planner
Tel:  709-748-1106  Fax:  709-748-1111
E-mail:  chardy@mountpearl.ca

Julia Schwarz, Manager of Planning and Inspection Services

Tel:  709-748-1151  Fax:  709-748-1111

E-mail:  jschwarz@mountpearl.ca


Stephen B. Jewczyk, F.C.I.P.

Director of Planning and Development

Tel:  709-748-1029  Fax:  709-748-1111

E-mail:  sjewczyk@mountpearl.ca


Complete list of contacts for the Planning & Development Department

Urban and Rural Planning Act

St. John's Urban Region Regional Plan 1976 -
              See Digital Map Consolidation as per Amendment No. 3, 2014 under "Mapping Services"


Mount Pearl Municipal Plan and Development Regulations Documents



  Development Regulations Documents


             Related Documents


  • Landscaping Guidelines 

  • Template for Landscaping Cost Estimates

    Regarding Kenmount Hill Amendment - Commissioner's Report - May 4, 2015


    Application Forms/Information Bulletins

    Schedule of Rates and Fees 


    Approved Permit Listings

     Development Permit Lists


     Building Permit Lists 



    Planning and Development Department Documents 





    Universal Design Workshop

    Pearl Awards for Urban Design and Gardens

    2015 Pearl Awards - Details and Nomination Form

    2014 Award Winners

    2013 Award Winners

    2012 Award Winners

    2011 Award Winners

    2010 Award Winners

    Frequently Asked Questions

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