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Contractor Health, Safety and Environment Requirements is part of our continuous commitment towards the health and safety of our employees and the protection of our environment. Contractors must understand our requirements and their responsibility to make this workplace safe and to protect our natural environment.


When performing work for the City, you will be required to complete a contractor commitment form. This verifies that you understand these requirements and your commitment that your employees will comply with them at all times. Please do not attach training records unless specifically required. The Contractor is also responsible for providing a copy of the requirements to subcontractors and ensuring the Contractor Commitment to Health and Safety Requirements form is submitted to the City. Please ensure that all of your employees and sub-contractors understand these requirements before they start the work/project.


In addition, all construction contractors will be required to provide a current Letter of Good Standing under the Certificate of Recognition Program issued by the Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Safety Association (NLCSA) to demonstrate they have achieved a Certificate of Recognition or are in the process of achieving it. Construction contractors shall ensure compliance to the City's requirements by any/all subcontractors.


 A construction contractor is a contractor whose work may involve erection, alteration, repair, dismantling, demolition, structural maintenance, renovation, painting, land clearing, earth moving, grading, excavating, trenching, digging, boring, drilling, blasting, concreting, paving, the installation or repair of any machinery or electrical equipment and/or has been assigned a construction industry NAICS/NIC code.


Approval to do work for the City will be granted upon review of the completed Contractor Commitment to Health and Safety Requirements form and the submission of the required documents. Once all the required information is submitted, your company will be permitted to start work for the City of Mount Pearl

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Rose, Health and Safety Officer at 709-748-1104. 

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