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Mount Pearl…“A progressive independent City with a strong sense of home.”
Residents enjoy a significant array of programs and services that meet the needs of individuals of all ages.  Our City is continuing to grow and develop in pursuit of enhancing the quality of life of our residents.
We believe Mount Pearl must provide an innovative, creative and sustainable suite of municipal services and programs that sets us apart as a vibrant and independent city.

Please take the time to scroll through this Residents section of our website to learn more about our municipal services and programs.  As you will see, Mount Pearl's community spirit and strong volunteer base contributes significantly to our community life and plays a vital role in improving the health and wellness of our residents.
If you are a newcomer to Mount Pearl, be sure to explore more information on our beautiful city by perusing the section "LIVING IN MOUNT PEARL".


In 2014, the City undertook a project called “Mount Pearl’s Oral History”.  The linked document is a collection of personal experience narratives. 

A series of face-to-face interviews were conducted with many individuals and long-time residents of Mount Pearl.

While the information within this document is not meant to be factual, it is our aspiration that when readers go through this document, they observe the sentiments and experience the fondness of how the interviewees embraced their community.   

Enjoy!     Mount Pearl Oral History Project, 2014.

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