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NEW & IMPROVED!   Commencing 2014 the City implemented the following changes to bulk garbage collection service.

Prescheduled collections will take place April/May and September/October.

During the months of June, July and August residents can request a maximum of two bulk collections free of charge. 
Residents are required to call 748-1016 to schedule a pickup or complete the bulk garbage collection form on-line.

To ensure maximum efficiency, the City is divided into five zones and each zone is scheduled for collection on a specified day during the months bulk garbage is collected.  (Please note the bulk garbage collection zones are different than the regular garbage/recycling collection areas.)

A booklet containing the bulk garbage collection guidelines and schedule will be delivered to Mount Pearl households late January 2015.

To find your specific collection days check out the link to our Bulk Garbage Collection Schedule below.

For Bulk Garbage Collection Guidelines see the link below.


Choose a street name in the drop down menu to view the Bulk Garbage Collection Schedule for that street.

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For More Information please check the following links:

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