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Mayor Randy Simms began his career in municipal politics in 1989 when he was first elected to the Mount Pearl Municipal Council.  He has been serving as an elected official in the city ever since.  In his time at city hall he has chaired all major standing committees and also served 5 years as Deputy Mayor before assuming the Mayor’s chair in 2007.  Following that two year appointment he was acclaimed as Mayor in the election of September, 2009 and again in September, 2013.

Mayor Simms has been a resident of Mount Pearl since 1976 and is a founding member of the Mount Pearl-Paradise Chamber of Commerce.  He served two terms as the Chamber’s President before moving on to municipal government.  Mayor Simms is a past President of Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador (MNL).

Mayor Simms was also the first elected chair of the Province’s Municipal Assessment Agency and was a founding member of the Zone 19 Economic Development Board. 

Mayor Simms also holds a Certificate in Municipal Administration from Memorial University.   He is married (Florence) and they have one son (Justin).

  Telephone: 709-748-1030
  Alternate Telephone: 709-368-7265

  Fax: 709-748-1150

  email: rsimms@mountpearl.ca

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