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Municipal Enforcement

The City of Mount Pearl employs six Municipal Enforcement Officers who are responsible for the enforcement of all City Regulations and Municipal By-Laws. 


Traffic and Parking

The City of Mount Pearl Municipal Enforcement Officers actively enforce traffic and parking violations throughout the City.  Officers have the authority under the City of Mount Pearl Act and the Highway Traffic Act to ticket offenders.



These include such offenses as:


  • Parking in Designated Handicapped Zones Without Permits 
  • Parking in Fire Lanes
  • Parking in Unauthorized Areas
  • Speeding, etc.


City of Mount Pearl Traffic Regulations


City By-Laws and Regulations


Summer Park Patrol

In partnership with the Federal and Provincial Governments, the City of Mount Pearl hires students each summer to patrol our parks and walkways. This program has been the catalyst for building a rapport with our youth while at the same time assuring security to the residents who use our parks and walkways.



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