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The Glacier is a three level multi-purpose complex and includes a 85' x 200' ice/floor surface, six dressing rooms, pro-shop, first aid room, referees room, board room, meeting room, snack shop, Crystal Ice viewing room, cafeteria with full kitchen service and standing room viewing, lounge with standing room viewing, twelve viewing booths, a 1,004 fixed seating gallery capacity and a concert capacity of 4000. Operated under a volunteer Board of Management, the Glacier is the proud host of many community events including: daily recreational skating sports competitions such as figure skating, ice hockey and gymnastics trade shows and exhibitions and family, youth and adult special events and concerts.


The following information is available to those who may be interested in renting our facility:


NOTE:  Effective January 25, 2016 - ALL patrons MUST wear a CSA approved helmet.

For more information on activities taking place at the Glacier and rental opportunities, please call 748-1100. 

For recorded information on our events line, please call 748-1102.



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