Community Profile

The City of Mount Pearl is located adjacent to St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador. Mount Pearl occupies 1,500 hectares in the western end of the beautiful Waterford Valley. A significant portion of the city is situated on land granted to Sir James Pearl in 1829 by the Colonial Secretary in recognition of many years of faithful service to the Crown.

Mount Pearl was incorporated as a Town on February 15, 1955 and a Town Plan was prepared and adopted in 1958. In recognition of its growth, Mount Pearl was incorporated as a City on July 21, 1988, making it the province’s third city, and has grown from 1,500 people to 23,000 people.

Mount Pearl has developed a total of 1,090 hectares of land (640 hectares for residential, 185 hectares for commercial and 265 hectares for industrial purposes). The City has 250 hectares reserved for open space and still has more than 110 hectares reserved for future growth. The City also has a strong, growing tax base. There are more than 9,800 housing units with approximately 1,800 of these units constructed in the past 10 years. The City is home to 1,077 businesses with a workforce of 15,404 people.