Internal Policies


Scent-Free Workplace Policy
Smoke-Free Workplace Policy
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Reverse Parking Policy
Injury Reporting and Return to Work Policy
Injury Reporting and Return to Work Procedure
Employee Computer Purchase Policy
Mileage Claim Policy
Bulletin Board Policy
Stockroom Policy
Harassment Free Workplace Policy – Harassment Free Workplace Procedure
Job Applications Policy
Building Closure Due to Weather Policy
Personnel Files Policy
Organization Structure Policy
Identification Badges, Access Cards & Fobs Policy
Driver’s License Abstracts Policy
Confidentiality Statement Policy
Vehicle Use Policy
Job Postings Policy
Criminal Record Check Vulnerable Sector Screening Policy and Criminal Record Check Vulnerable Sector Screening Procedure
Employment Offers Policy
Employment References Policy
Management Overtime Policy
Management Leave Policy
Respectful Workplace Policy and Respectful Workplace Guidelines and Procedure
Vehicle Equipment Operation Policy
Job Descriptions Policy
Position Authorization Policy
Employee Credentials Policy
Panic Alarm Policy
Electronic Data Security Policy
Hardware and Data Disposal Policy
Workplace Violence Policy and Workplace Violence Procedure
Employee Code of Conduct Policy
Interviewing and Selection of Applicants Policy
Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse Policy
Ergonomic Assessment Policy and Office Ergonomics Operating Procedure
Respiratory Protection Policy
Violence Protection Policy
Hearing Conservation Policy
Workplace Inspections Policy
Cellphone Assignment and Usage Policy


Procurement Policy
Procurement Procedure

Media and Privacy

Video Surveillance Policy
Records Retention and Disposal Policy
ATIPP Information Request Policy – City of Mount Pearl ATIPP Procedure
Employee Use Social Media Policy
Corporate Social Media Policy – Corporate Social Media Procedure
Media Relations Policy
Database Connections Policy
Use of Photographs and Video Policy and Use of Photographs and Video Procedure


Affordable Housing Fee Discount Policy
Flag Policy
Metrobus Stop Location Policy
Naming Parks Playgrounds Trails Facilities Policy
Powerline Hazards Policy
Scavenging Policy
Water and Sewer Service Repairs Policy
Working Alone Policy – Working Alone Procedure
Taxation Deferral Policy
Snow Clearing Policy
Snow Clearing Repairs to Damaged Property Policy
Budget and Expenditure Control Policy
Civic File Request Policy
Speed Bump Policy
Calendar of Events Policy – Calendar of Events Procedure-Posting and Criteria
Contractor Health and Safety Policy and Contractor Health and Safety Procedure
Visitors’ Sign-In Sign-Out Policy
Fence Property Damage Policy
Protected Disclosure (Whistleblower) Policy and Protected Disclosure (Whistleblower) Procedure
Healthy Eating Policy
Care of Impounded Animals Policy and Care of Impounded Animals Procedure
Animal Control Enforcement Policy
Traffic Signs Policy
ATV – Dirt Bike Enforcement Policy
Impounded Vehicle Policy
Asphalt Patching Policy
Supplemental Signs Policy
Cat Trap Policy and Cat Trap Permit & Agreement


Aquatics Cancellation Policy
Summit Centre Fitness Membership Hold Policy
Summit Centre Group Fitness Class Policy