Pearl Awards

The Pearl Awards are open to anyone who contributes to the Urban Design, Green Lens, Garden, and Urban Agriculture categories in Mount Pearl, including: community groups, developers, contractors, architects, landscape architects, planners, consultants, engineers and property owners.

Urban Design Award (Commercial Properties)

  • Promoting excellence in urban design in Mount Pearl
  • Enhancing the quality of life and aesthetics in the City through architectural and landscape design
  • Recognizing the designers, developers and property owners who have achieved success in urban design projects in Mount Pearl

Green Lens Awardviewing the City through a green lens (Commercial Properties)

  • Celebrating property and business owners implementing green initiatives and innovate sustainable design solutions
  • Promoting developments that are advancing environmental stewardship
  • Recognizing properties with innovative sustainable water, energy, site and building systems

Garden Award (Residential Properties)

  • Acknowledging tidiness
  • Celebrating floral displays
  • Turf and ground cover quality
  • Supporting streetscape beautification
  • Endorsing environmental awareness

Urban Agriculture Award (Commercial & Residential Properties)

  • Garden beds
  • Residential vegetable gardens
  • Promoting food security and healthy eating
  • Enhancing food access and diversity


Nominations for the Garden and Urban Agriculture Awards will be accepted until Friday, July 21, 2017. Please submit your photos! Nominations for the Urban Design and Green Lens Awards will be accepted until Friday, August 25, 2017.

View the printable nomination form or submit a nomination online.

Projects must be located within Mount Pearl’s city limits; however, projects undertaken by the City or located on City property are not eligible. If you know of a project that is an outstanding example of urban / sustainable design or is a garden worthy of consideration for a Pearl Award, please complete a nomination form. An independent jury will evaluate the submissions.

Congratulations to the 2016 Pearl Award Winners.

The Pearl Awards ceremony will take place November 8, 2017, in celebration of World Town Planning Day.

2016 Pearl Awards

Congratulations to the 2016 Pearl Award Winners. Read more details here.

For details on Urban Design, Green Lens & Urban Agriculture Awards:

Catherine Howell, Planner: 748-1023 or

For details on Garden Awards:

Sean McKenna, Manager of Community Services Programs:  748-1046 or