Water & Sewer

Power's Pond

For inquiries relating to water colour, taste, odour, leaks, water restrictions, or sewer backups, contact Public Works at 748-1016 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday, or 748-1006 after regular business hours.

In an effort to assist residents when a backup occurs in the private sanitary lateral, the City offers a repair service with the cost billed back to the resident.

*NEW* Read more details in our brochure: City Policy on Conducting Sewer Repairs on Private Property.

Water Programs

The City of Mount Pearl has many water programs in place, including the Save A Drop Water Conservation Program, a water quality program, a leak detection program, a water main flushing program and a cross connection control program. If you would like more information on these programs, please contact Engineering Services, or view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Water Quality

The City performs weekly testing of drinking water for biological parameters. Samples from various areas throughout Mount Pearl are taken and forwarded to the provincial public health laboratory for testing. In addition, the City performs quarterly sampling for chemical/physical parameters of drinking water as outlined in the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines, as well as daily sampling for disinfection residuals within the distribution system. These samples are in addition to sampling conducted by staff of the Regional Water Authority and the Provincial Government. View the 2015 Report on Water Quality.

To ensure appropriate levels of water usage, the City has introduced a Water Conservation Program which governs watering of lawns, washing vehicles, cleaning of sidewalks, etc. This program is in effect year-round and establishes both time of day for watering of lawns and equipment to be used for exterior residential water usage.

Mount Pearl has also entered into a public/private partnership with a local consulting firm to perform a detailed investigation of the City’s water distribution system to identify and locate water leaks.  Mount Pearl has dedicated additional resources to repairing of identified leaks. The City now has two new water meters installed by the Regional Water System, which provide continuous and accurate readings of overall water consumption.

Storm Water Management

Mount Pearl has developed and is continuing to refine a set of storm water management guidelines for all new construction and development within its boundaries. The purpose of these guidelines is to prevent, where it is practicable, any increase in runoff to the various streams and drainage channels around Mount Pearl once the new development is completed.  These guidelines to protect our ground and surface water sources. Mount Pearl has included these guidelines within its own land development projects and they are also used by individuals and subdivision developers.

Energy Management Control System

The City is taking part in an 8-year private/public partnership program on energy management for various major City facilities. The City incorporated a computerized energy management system that sets schedules, temperatures and ventilation controls based on occupancy and time of day parameters. This has proven to be a very successful venture, based on the high success level being experienced with capital costs being paid from energy savings and current projections indicating an early payout for the project.

This program is considered a success due to the the major decrease in energy consumption by the municipality and the corresponding financial savings that will be realized long-term. Mount Pearl is continuing its review of all operational areas to seek further opportunities for environmental enhancements throughout the municipality.

Regional Water Service

The Regional Water Treatment Plant, which is a regional wastewater treatment facility located at Bay Bulls Big Pond, was commissioned on September 16, 2009 and has been in operation since that time. The facility is overseen by a Regional Wastewater Committee.

Municipal Water Operating Permit

Municipalities within the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Provincial Government have combined efforts to ensure high quality drinking water to residents with the introduction of the Municipal Water Operating Permit. This permit formalizes maintenance objectives, testing procedures and record keeping methods carried out by municipalities in the supplying of water to the consumer. In response to the requirements of this operating permit, the City has established a very aggressive maintenance program covering the areas of leak detection, watermain repair, flushing, and valve and hydrant maintenance.

Looking for more information?

You can also read policies, learn about environmental community programs, or view a number of permits in relation to individual water service lines for residential and commercial customers.