Small Business Saturday October 21


Small Business is the City’s Economic Engine

The City of Mount Pearl will once again celebrate the final day of the BDC Small Business Week by turning the focus on small businesses in our community. Over 83% of the businesses in Mount Pearl are considered small or micro sized companies.

As a consumer, you can choose to spend your money at local small businesses on this day rather than going to the big box retailers at the local mall. After all, the best way to support small businesses is to go and spend money at them rather than somewhere else. You can also tell your friends to do the same, perhaps making a point of organizing a shopping day where you only visit small, local enterprises instead of chain stores. While you may or may not end up paying more, it’s important to remember that spending your money at a small business generally puts more money into the local economy than if you are spending that money in a chain store.

On October 21st, 2017 why not celebrate the spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurship, as exemplified by small business owners who take the risk of following their dreams!

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