Social Enterprise Program – SUPPORT


Are you a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business operated by a charity or non-profit organization that sells goods and/or services in the market place, for the dual purpose of generating income and achieving a social, cultural and/or environmental mission.

Social enterprise is a new term for a well-established concept: thrift stores have been selling inexpensive household items and generating revenue for charities for over 100 years, YMCAs have operated hostels and fitness centres for decades; alternative businesses have employed people who live with a mental illness since the 1980s.

Today, social enterprises exist in every part of Canada; in urban, rural and remote regions; in Aboriginal and Francophone communities; working in every industrial sector; supporting a wide array of social, environmental and cultural goals.

Metro Business Opportunities’ program SUPPORT provides capital for non-profit organizations engaged in social enterprising in the St. John’s and Mount Pearl area. If you are a non-profit organization with a social enterprise or wanting to start one, the SUPPORT program may be able to help with a low interest, repayable loan up to $50,000.  It also includes business training and counseling.

Visit Metro Business Opportunities in Mount Pearl at 961 Topsail Road or visit them online at