Construction Notice – Old Placentia Road

Construction on Old Placentia Road is underway. This work will include a full resurfacing (new asphalt) for this area, from Nelder Drive to Commonwealth Avenue. Contractors will be working in sections and ensuring one lane in each direction remains open at all times, please see full schedule below. Sidewalk replacements will vary in each section, but generally will be closed when work is taking place.

All work is to be completed by October 16, 2020.

We appreciate the cooperation and understanding of our residents, businesses and the general public during these upgrades.


Ruth Avenue to Smallwood Avenue

  • Sept 15:  Leveling course asphalt
  • Sept 8 – 21: Concrete curb and sidewalk repairs. There will be no impact to travel lanes, but the sidewalk will be closed on the north side (Pearlgate)
  • Sept 21 – 24:  Surface asphalt completed

Nelder Drive to Ruth Avenue

  • Sept 15 – 18: Milling, and leveling course asphalt
  • Sept 19: Leveling course asphalt
  • Sept 11 – 30: Concrete curb and sidewalk repairs
  • Sept 25 – 30: Surface asphalt completed

Smallwood Drive to Richard Nolan Drive

  • Sept 10 – 12: Milling, lanes will be re-opened at the end of work day (approximately 6pm)
  • Sept 16: Leveling course asphalt
  • Sept 16 – Oct 9: Concrete curb and sidewalk repairs
  • Oct 1 – 9: Surface asphalt completed

Richard Nolan Drive to Commonwealth Avenue

  • Sept 25 – 30: Milling, and leveling course asphalt
  • Oct 1: Leveling course asphalt
  • Sept 21 – Oct 2: Concrete curb and sidewalk repairs
  • Oct 12 – 15: Surface asphalt completed