Inspection Services


All residential construction, including new home construction, basement apartments, general repairs, patios, decks, fences, accessory buildings and renovations requires a permit from the City of Mount Pearl. Completed applications (find PDF version here) can be forwarded to City Hall by mail or fax at 709-748-1111. Applications received are reviewed for compliance with development and building regulations.  If in compliance, a building permit will be issued.

If the permit has been paid for in advance the inspector will deliver, mail out or call the applicant to pick up the permit. If the permit has not been paid for, a call will be placed to the applicant to pay for and pick up the permit. Exceptions to this process occur when variances to City regulations such as a change in setback or sideyard requirement is requested. In these cases, a variance application must be submitted for review and approval.

For general repairs, fences, accessory buildings and renovations, the application will be reviewed along with any associated documents required and a building permit will be issued if all City requirements are met.

Commercial & Industrial Construction

All commercial and industrial construction in the City of Mount Pearl requires a permit.  All applications received are reviewed by the Planning Services Division for compliance with City planning, land use and zoning regulations and where required, issuance of a development permit.  Upon completion of that process, the application is then referred to the City Inspector  for review and issuance of required building permits.  Any construction covered under Part 3 of the National Building Code and those that exceed the tables of Part 9 of the National Building Code will require stamped engineering drawings.  Fire, life safety and building accessibility matters require a submission to, and subsequent approval by Service NL, prior to the issuance of a building permit (click here to find forms).  Any questions regarding these requirements should be directed to a City Inspector for clarification.

If the permit has been paid for in advance, the City Inspector will mail out or call the applicant to pick up the permit.  If the permit has not been paid for, a call will be placed to the applicant to pay for and pick up the permit.


All electrical work within the City will require an Electrical Permit from the Service NL.


All plumbing work within the City requires plumbing permits and certification by a qualified journeyman plumber licensed to work within the City of Mount Pearl.  Application for plumbing permits, plumbing contractors license, and plumber’s certification can be viewed on this site.

Occupancy Permit

All occupancies of buildings within the City will require an Occupancy Permit prior to the occupancy of the building.  A final inspection is required to ensure compliance to all regulations, codes and requirements prior to issuance of an Occupancy Permit.

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