Statement from the City of Mount Pearl

June 26th, 2020

The City of Mount Pearl stated today that Steve Kent’s Facebook Messenger
was found on his city owned iPad through banner notifications on the screen. The CAO left the
iPad unlocked and his Facebook account logged in such that the preview ribbon popped up on
the screen and the full messages were available without any need for password. It became
obvious that there was continuous communication by Steve Kent related to the harassment
investigation and other City related issues that would be considered inappropriate behaviour of
someone currently under investigation. It is also important that the City clarify that neither the
Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, nor the Acting Director of Corporate Services had access or visibility
to the iPad or the Facebook Messenger account.

The iPad was a City owned device provided to assist the CAO with his duties and subject to
the City’s Appropriate Use of IT Resources Policy. The Policy reads that the City provides IT
resources for business use only and encourages employees not to use its resources outside of
business activities. It also provides that any record retained on a City-owned device is in the
custody and control of the City and may potentially be subject to an access to information

The CAO can reset his password to his Facebook account remotely or otherwise change the
settings so that the information in his account cannot be captured or accessed on his City iPad;
however, he had not done this. There was no password required, it was open and available.