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The City of Mount Pearl is located inland on the northeast portion of the Avalon Peninsula. It is bounded to the north, east and south by the City of St. John's and to the west by the Town of Paradise. Mount Pearl has direct road links to all parts of the Urban Region.



In Mount Pearl, we understand the importance of transportation and communication to the success of your business. That´s why we have an unparalleled commitment to the development of our city's infrastructure. Wide, efficient roads link to fast, multi-lane highways that deliver your products to their destinations. An international airport and a modern containerized seaport are only minutes from the city's main industrial and commercial districts.


We pride ourselves on the maintainence of these transport systems in all weathers. Our road repair programs are praised for their speed and efficiency as are our winter road care systems. You need never worry that winter storms will disrupt the flow of your business in Mount Pearl.


Information Onramp



In order for business to succeed into the next century it has to make use of the best technologies available. Mount Pearl´s information infrastructure will put your business on the international data communication system at the speed of light. Mount Pearl´s recently completed fibre-optic network gives businesses in every part of the city access to high speed data transfer across the Internet like never before. The vast markets of the ´Net are now at your fingertips, in a city that values new technology and its opportunities. Add to this the possibilities of Telework facilitated by our communications infrastructure and you have a formula for success in the information age.

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