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City of Mount Pearl

3 Centennial Street
Mount Pearl, NL  A1N 1G4

For all inquiries, use the contact information below. This includes Animal Control, Tax Inquiries, Glacier Arena, Garbage Collection, Snow Clearing, Summit Centre, and Water & Sewer.

Telephone: (709) 748-1000
Fax: (709) 748-1150

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Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Spurrell, Dana Chief Administrative Officer 748-1025
Pratt, Stacey City Clerk / Legislative Officer 748-1148
Mullins, Arlene Executive Assistant 748-1032
Fax Number 748-1150

City Council

Email all Members of Council

Aker, Dave Mayor 748-1030
Kieley, Nicole Deputy Mayor 728-6941
Locke, Jim Councillor 364-4746
Antle, Bill Councillor 763-5328
Fry, Isabelle Councillor 687-2298
Lane, Chelsea Councillor 690-4791
Rice, Mark Councillor 682-7544
Fax Number 748-1150

Corporate Services

Pittman, Cassie Director of Corporate Services 748-1026
Warren, Lisa Executive Assistant 748-1026
Scott, Nancy Office Assistant 748-1000
Kelly, Richard Office Assistant 748-1000
Fax Number 748-1150


Hynes, Stephanie Manager, Finance 748-1159
McKinley, Karen Taxation Administrator 748-1078
Peckham, Dawn Accounting Administrator 748-1033
Whelan, Michael Procurement Administrator 748-1043
Snow, Michelle Taxation Administrator 748-1039
Keeping, Alanda Taxation Administrator 748-1217
Mercer, Bernice Accountant 748-1035
Walsh, Darlene Accountant 748 1000 ext 1220
Fax Number 748-1111

Human Resources

Mullins, Janice Manager, Human Resources 748-1095
Froude, Chantal Human Resources Officer 748-1038
Peckham, Christopher Human Resources Officer 748-1000 ext 1221
Grandy, Christopher Health and Safety Officer 748-1000 ext 1195
Carter, Angela Human Resources Assistant 748-1094
Fitzpatrick, Sherry Payroll Administrator 748-1107
Fax Number 748-1150

Information Technology

Skinner, Rob Manager, Information Technology 748-1147
Blundon, Robert Assistant Manager, Information Technology 748-1134
Fax Number 748-1150

Marketing, Communications, and Economic Development

Mullins, Brandon Marketing and Communications Officer 748-1009
Schwartz, Jeremy Marketing and Economic Development Officer 748-1117
VACANT Marketing Coordinator

Records and Information Management

Wall, Darren Records and Information Management Officer 748-1136


Fleet, Harold Land Information Technologist 748-1037
Davis, Greg GIS Technician 748-1019

Planning, Engineering, and Development

Antle, Gerry Director of Planning, Engineering, and Development 748-1028
Bartlett, Robin Executive Assistant 748-1072

Engineering Services

Vacant Manager of Engineering Services 748-2044
Drover, Darryl Assistant Manager of Engineering Services 748-1069
Murray, Brian Engineering Technician 748-1000 (ext 1062)
Farrell, Ian Engineering Technician
Freake, Jeremy Junior Engineer 748-1000 (ext 1074)
Heath, Wayne Inspector 748-1021
Eveleigh, Dave Inspector 748-4926
Follett, Mike Inspector 748-1020
Kelly, Don Inspector 748-1145
Taylor, Craig Inspector – Environment 748-1205

Planning and Development

Power, Catherine Manager of Development and Planning 748-1023
Felt, Alanna Planner 748-1151
Halliday, Brandon Development Inspector 748-1106
Fax Number 748-1111

Facilities Management

Jones, Matthew Manager of Facilities Maintenance 748-1139
Vacant Facility Maintenance Technician
Vacant Maintenance Repairperson – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Bennett, Chris Maintenance Repairperson – Instrumentation Technician
Snow, Brent Maintenance Repairperson – Millwright

Department of Public Works

Dollimount, Glen Director of Public Works 748-1065
Harvey, Corey Works Superintendent 748-6498
Foley, Paula Executive Assistant 748-1085
Acreman, Mark Depot Administrative Officer 748-1067
Ash, Bev Depot Administrative Officer 748-1031
Grandy, Chris Occupational Health and Safety Officer 748-1195
Ingerman, Glenn Roads Foreperson 748-1066
Lewis, Gary Water and Sewer Foreperson 748-1061
Meaney, Blair Roads Foreperson 748-1196
Nolan, Jim Roads Foreperson 748-1063
O’Brien, Harry Mechanical Foreperson 748-1047
Pardy, Clarence Roads Foreperson 748-1064
Peddle, Dwayne Roads Foreperson 748-1091
Scott, Nancy Office Assistant 748-1016
Fax Number 748-1191

Recreation and Community Safety

Collins, Jason Director, Recreation and Community Safety 748-1027
Ralph, Sharon Executive Assistant 748-1027
Fax Number 748-1150


Community Events
Stead, Rosie Community Events Coordinator 748-1008
Programming | Aquatics, Recreation & Youth Services
McKenna, Sean Manager, Community Services Programs 748-1046
Heathcote, Rebecca Recreation Supervisor, Aquatics 748-1053


Mercer, Chris Assistant Recreation Supervisor, Aquatics 748-1000 (ext 1211)
Aquatics Office (Summit Centre) 748-1007
Recreation & Youth Services
Jones, Jennifer Recreation Supervisor – Youth Services 748-1010
Recreation Office (Reid Community Centre) 748-1052
Youth Centre Office (Reid Community Centre) 748-8336
Youth Centre Office (Gloria Pearson Centre) 748-3775
Customer Service & Fitness
Delaney, Blair Recreation Facilities Manager 748-1077
McGuire, Michelle Scheduling Administrator 748-1084
Ivany, Cathy Customer Service Lead 748-6493
Fitness Centre Office 748-1051
Glacier Arena | Sport Tourism
Tucker, Krista Recreation Supervisor, Facility & Sport Tourism  748-1102
Gosse, Amanda Glacier Assistant  748-1100


Tilley, Blair Superintendent 748-1068
Houlihan, Mary Office Assistant 748-1058
Greavette, Danielle Municipal Enforcement Officer 748-1058
Hynes, Derek Municipal Enforcement Officer 748-1058
Kennedy, Steve Municipal Enforcement Officer 748-1058
LeTemplier, Chris Municipal Enforcement Officer 748-1058
Taylor, Jennifer Municipal Enforcement Officer 748-1058