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City of Mount Pearl

3 Centennial Street
Mount Pearl, NL  A1N 1G4

Telephone: 1-709-748-1000
Fax: 1-709-748-1150

H. Neil Windsor Municipal Building (Depot)

59 Clyde Avenue
Mount Pearl, NL  A1N 4S2

Telephone: 1-709-748-1016

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Frequently Called Numbers

Animal Control 748-1016
Tax Inquiries 748-1000
Glacier Arena 748-1100
Garbage Collection 748-1016
Snow Clearing 748-1016
Summit Centre 748-1002
Water and Sewer 748-1016

Chief Administrative Officer

Lewis, Mona City Clerk 748-1032
Pittman, Cassie Director of Corporate Services 748-1026
Williams, Lesley Marketing & Communications Officer 748-1009
Schwartz, Jeremy Marketing & Economic Development Officer 748-1117
Mullins, Brandon Project Coordinator (consultant) 748-1203
Fax Number 748-1150

City Council

Email all Members of Council

Aker, Dave Mayor 325-2537
Locke, Jim Deputy Mayor 364-4746
Antle, Bill Councillor 763-5328
Fry, Isabelle Councillor 748-1030
Stoyles, Lucy Councillor 364-1916
Fax Number 748-1150

Corporate Services

Pittman, Cassie Director of Corporate Services 748-1026
Warren, Lisa Executive Assistant 748-1026
Fax Number 748-1150


Hynes, Stephanie Manager, Finance 748-1159
McKinley, Karen Taxation Administrator 748-1078
Peckham, Dawn Financial System Administrator 748-1036
Whelan, Michael Procurement Administrator 748-1043
Fitzpatrick, Sherry Payroll Administration 748-1107
Carter, Angela Taxation Administrator 748-1039
Mercer, Bernice Accountant 748-1035
Pearcey, Allison Collections Administrator 748-1033
Aamir, Annie Accounts Payable Administrator 748-1081
Walsh, Darlene Accountant 748 1001
Fax Number 748-1111

Human Resources

Mullins, Janice Manager, Human Resources 748-1095
Lemoine, Mark Assistant Manager, Human Resources 748-1038
Harvey, Corey Health and Safety Officer 748-6498
Froude, Chantal Human Resources Assistant 748-1094
Fax Number 748-1150

Information Technology

Wall, Darren Records and Information Management Officer 748-1136
Skinner, Rob Manager, Information Technology 748-1147
Blundon, Robert Assistant Manager, Information Technology 748-1134


Fleet, Harold Land Information Technologist 748-1037
Davis, Greg GIS Technician 748-1019

Infrastructure & Public Works

Antle, Gerry Director of Infrastructure & Public Works 748-1028
Foley, Paula Executive Assistant 748-1028
Fax Number 748-1191

Engineering Services

Gillingham, Carole Manager of Engineering Services 748-2044
Drover, Darryl Assistant Manager of Engineering Services 748-1069
Heath, Wayne City Inspector 748-1021
Jones, Matthew Manager of Facilities Maintenance 748-1139
Murray, Brian Engineering Technician 746-4071
Sharma, Mahima Junior Engineer 769-4403
Turner, Ken Facility Maintenance Technician 748-1040

Public Works Services

Acreman, Mark Depot Administration Officer 748-1067
Danis, Mike Maintenance Repairperson – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 748-1105
Dollimount, Glen Works Superintendent 748-1065
Ingerman, Glenn Roads Foreperson 748-1066
Lewis, Gary Water and Sewer Foreperson 748-1061
Meaney, Blair Roads Foreperson 748-1196
Nolan, Jim Roads Foreperson 748-1063
O’Brien, Harry Mechanical Foreperson 748-1047
Pardy, Clarence Roads Foreperson 748-1064
Peddle, Dwayne Roads Foreperson 748-1091
Scott, Nancy Office Assistant 748-1016

Community Development

Collins, Jason Director of Community Development 748-1027
Ralph, Sharon Executive Assistant 748-1027
Fax Number 748-1150


Delaney, Blair Recreation Facilities Manager 748-1077
Fraser, Garry Recreation Supervisor – Youth Services 748-1010
McGuire, Michelle Scheduling Administrator, Summit Centre/Reid Centre 748-1084
McKenna, Sean Manager of Community Services Programming 748-1046
Rumsey, Lorie Recreation Supervisor, Aquatics & Fitness 748- 1053
Stead, Rosie Community Events Coordinator 748-1008
Tucker, Krista Recreation Supervisor, Facility & Sport Tourism  748-1100


Tilley, Blair Superintendent 748-1068
Houlihan, Mary Office Assistant 748-1058
Greavette, Danielle Municipal Enforcement Officer 748-1058
Hynes, Derek Municipal Enforcement Officer 748-1058
Kennedy, Steve Municipal Enforcement Officer 748-1058
LeTemplier, Chris Municipal Enforcement Officer 748-1058
Taylor, Jennifer Municipal Enforcement Officer 748-1058
Eveleigh, Dave City Inspector 748-4926
Follett, Mike City Inspector 748-1020
Hand, Julia City Inspector 748-1041
Kelly, Don City Inspector 748-1145


Howell, Catherine Manager of Development and Planning 748-1023
Finlay, Anne Office Assistant 748-1017
Mosher, Kim Office Assistant 748-1022
Felt, Alanna Planner 748-1151
Vacant Development Inspector
Fax Number 748-1111