What Can I Recycle?

Recyclables are collected weekly on the same day as your household garbage. Recyclables must be sorted into two streams: boxes / paper products and containers / tin cans. Please use transparent blue bags and place recyclables one meter away from your garbage cart.

A few ‘tricky’ things to remember

1. Milk cartons are recyclable containers. Be sure to put them in your blue bag for containers and not in with paper products.

2. Disposable baking trays and pie pans are recyclable aluminium containers. The metal ones you have used for years are not recyclable at the curb.

3. Paper flyers, catalogues and ‘junk’ mail are recyclable papers. The plastic bags they may come in are not recyclable at the curb.

4. Glass is not accepted in household recycling collection. Glass beverage containers can be brought to the Mount Pearl Green Depot, located at 5 Old Placentia Road.

5. If need be, flatten boxes and tie in bundles measuring less than 2 ‘ x 2′ x 1’. Bundled cardboard does not have to be placed in a transparent blue bag. Cardboard can also be put in a tied up blue bag with other paper/fiber recyclables.