Public Notices

The City releases public notices related to amendments, certain development applications, briefing sessions and public hearings. You can also view our public notices in The Pearl newspaper. Please subscribe to the City’s e-Updates to ensure you don’t miss important posts. You can find tenders and bids here or general news here.

2019 Street Upgrading: Fourth Street

Fourth Street has been selected by the City of Mount Pearl to undergo full rehabilitation, including replacement of all underground infrastr...

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2019 Street Upgrading: Glendale Avenue and Bradley Place

Glendale Avenue and Bradley Place have been selected by the City of Mount Pearl to undergo underground infrastructure replacement (sanitary/...

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Topsail Road/Blackmarsh Road Intersection – New Traffic Lights Installed

New traffic lights have been installed at the intersection of Topsail Road and Blackmarsh Road. The lights will be activated in flashing mod...

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Mount Pearl Presents Budget and Unveils New Strategic Plan

Budget 2019 is a historic investment for Mount Pearl. It takes bold steps to tackle infrastructure needs, an aging population, and support f...

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Flood Risk Maps of Waterford River

The Provincial Government has released a flood risk mapping study of the Waterford River and its major tributaries. The City of Mount Pearl ...

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