Recreational Swimming


Click here to view the current recreational swimming schedule (until May 29, 2022).


  • All swims are drop-in only – no bookings are required.
  • Start and end times of swims will be strictly adhered to.
  • Limited showers will be available in the Aquatic change rooms, please note signage.
  • Equipment in the pool such as flutter boards, fins, toys, and lifejackets will be available for use and be regularly disinfected. Patrons who wish to bring their own will be permitted to do so.
    Please do not bring any floats or inflatables to the pool, they will be denied.
  • Accessible equipment is available upon request.

Swim Types

Leisure/Lane Swim – Lane and Leisure Swimming (both pools, sauna closed)
Lane Swim – 17+ years Lane Swimming Only (sauna closed)
Adult Leisure Swim– 17+ years Leisure Swimming Only (sauna closed)
Family Swim– Adult must accompany child in the pool regardless of age (main pool. leisure pool, splash pad and slide open). Ratio of 1 adult per 3 children.
Public Swim – Open to all age. (Main pool, leisure pool, splash pad and slide open)
Parent & Tot – Leisure pool only.
Aqua Fit – A shallow water fitness workout conducted in chest-deep water
Gentle Aqua Fit  A modified shallow water fitness workout conducted in chest-deep water at a lower-intensity
Deep Water Fitness – High-energy aqua class with low impact moves. Tread water, do drills, and use water weights to work your body.
Aqua Zumba® – blends the Zumba® philosophy with water resistance, for one pool party you shouldn’t miss.

Children 8 years & under must be accompanied by an adult during all swims.

2022 Rates

Per session

Adult  $5
Adult 50+  $4
Child/Youth  $4
Child & Guardian  $5.50 (parent and tot only)

Swim passes
Type 10 Pass 20 Pass Drop-In
Child $35 $60 $4
Adult $45 $85 $5
50+ $35 $60 $4


COVID-19 Guidelines

  • We have increased our cleaning efforts and are following a regular cleaning and disinfecting schedule.
  • Please keep a physical distance of at least six feet (two meters) from lifeguard staff when possible. Our lifeguards are still rescue ready and willing to help you as always. If physical distancing cannot be maintained, our lifeguards are trained to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Increased hand sanitizing stations will be provided throughout the facility.
  • All guests are required to follow public health guidelines related to COVID-19.
  • If you do not feel well, please stay home.
  • Water fountains will NOT be accessible, you are encouraged to bring your own water bottle.

For more information:

Summit Centre Customer Service
T: 748-1002