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The Mapping Services Division is responsible for providing up-to-date City map information to all departments and to the general public as well as maintaining digital map information for a geographic information system.


GIS (Geographic Information System) is a new service to distribute map information to residents, businesses and visitors to the City of Mount Pearl.  The user has more control in viewing information and data is more up to date than with static maps.  This system allows you to view air photos from 1951, 1994, 2003 and 2006, street information and address searches.  Connect to Google Street View directly from the map.  With the Layer Control section, you can turn on or off different layers or change visibility with slide controls in the layer options.

For more information on what GIS is, please visit http://www.gis.com/content/what-gis.  The interactive map is built on an ESRI software platform.  If you have any questions or have a map suggestion, please let us know.


PDF Maps

Donovans Business Park Directory Map

Electoral Boundaries 2011 Map - UNOFFICIAL 

Mount Pearl Facilities, Parks, and Walking Trails Map


Contact Information

The primary contacts for Mapping Services are:

Harold Fleet, Land Information Technologist
Phone: 748-1037
Email:  hfleet@mountpearl.ca

Greg Davis, GIS Technician
Phone:  748-1019
Email:  gdavis@mountpearl.ca



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