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Mount Pearl is a vibrant progressive city with an exceptional quality of community life!

The City of Mount Pearl Welcomes You!

Bursting with Activity and Adventure, Mount Pearl has a dynamic economy rooted in innovation and excellence.


Mount Pearl is one of the largest communities in Newfoundland, with a population of nearly 25,000, located adjacent to the province’s capital. Recognized as a friendly business city, we are also known for our community spirit. Mount Pearl’s strong volunteer base has helped to create one of the most beautiful and neighbourly cities in Canada. Being centrally located within the Northeast Avalon Region of Newfoundland, Mount Pearl has excellent transportation links to all parts of the region and plays a key role in the region’s growth and driving economic development.
Take the time to visit Mount Pearl...“A City Within A Park”! Enjoy over 60 parks, playgrounds, multi-purpose areas and numerous outdoor/indoor community and sports facilities throughout Mount Pearl’s neighborhoods. All parks and facilities, as well as Admiralty House Museum & Archives, are linked through 70 kilometers of beautiful forested walkways.
Active Living is the thread which runs through Mount Pearl. During the summer, thousands of people take to the neighborhood trails and parks and enjoy many outdoor activities planned at Powers Pond Park including canoeing and special events.
Mount Pearl also plays host to numerous events and sporting activities throughout the year. At no time is the spirit of Mount Pearl more alive then during Mount Pearl's Frosty Festival which takes place each February and the Mount Pearl City Days Celebrations held each year in July.

Plan now to make Mount Pearl your next place to visit!
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