Housing continues to be one of the most pressing challenges facing the City of Mount Pearl, our region, and our province. We need homes to welcome newcomers, to support those who want to downsize, and we need affordable options to ensure everyone has their basic needs met.

The City of Mount Pearl is all-in on this housing challenge. It is our top priority, which was in our strategic plan launched just last year. Our goal is to bring more folks to live and work right here in our city.

Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) Incentive Program

The City of Mount Pearl is now offering a suite of incentives and reducing permit fees to encourage housing developments. $650,000 has been allocated as part of the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) Incentive Program with up to $100,000 available per project.

Please download the full incentive package and Terms & Conditions here: Housing Accelerator Fund Incentive Program

Please reach out to Brian Power at or (709) 682-6618 to discuss your proposed project and receive an application form.

The City of Mount Pearl is excited to announce an open house event to discuss its new HAF funding program aimed at increasing population density and fostering community growth. The event will be held at City Hall on Wednesday, June 26th from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

During the open house, attendees will have the chance to:

  • Meet with city officials to discuss the specifics of the Housing Accelerator Fund.
  • Learn about the various grants and fee waivers available.
  • Network with landowners, developers and other stakeholders in the community.

Event Details:

  • Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2024
  • Time: 8:30 am to 10:30 am (Drop-in)
  • Location: Mount Pearl City Hall, 3 Centennial Street

Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) Program

Earlier this year, the City of Mount Pearl, in partnership with the Government of Canada, reached an agreement to expedite the construction of 180 housing units directly, with a target of 386 units over the next three years. The agreement is designed to eliminate barriers to building the homes we need, faster. As part of the action plan, the city will provide developers and other interested parties with incentives to create more housing units, optimize existing spaces, and redevelop underutilized parcels of land. The fund includes various grants and fee waivers to stimulate new construction and redevelopment projects.

Below is a snapshot of the action plan:

Accelerate the Municipal Plan Review and Renewal
The City of Mount Pearl needs a new Municipal Plan. One that reflects the future of our city, and the changing needs of our residents. This funding will help us streamline the Municipal Plan review and deliver the plan sooner, enabling us to adapt more quickly to changing needs and opportunities for housing, ensuring that development aligns with our strategic goals.

Improve Permitting Processes Through the Implementation of E-permitting Technology
We’re bringing technology onboard to make getting permits a breeze. With e-permitting, you will be able to apply for permits, get approvals, and track progress online. The aim? To save time for applicants and the city, we all work more quickly to accomplish our goals.

Develop Incentive Programs and Introduce Permit Fee Reductions
We’re open for business. We want to make it easier to invest in our city. By offering incentives and reducing permit fees, we’ll be encouraging development in key areas, which means more opportunities for growth in Mount Pearl.

Develop Guidelines for Different Housing Options
Let’s make Mount Pearl a place where everyone can find the right home. We’ll be exploring different housing options to meet the needs of our diverse community. Whether you’re looking for your first home, downsizing, or starting a family, we’re working to create more affordable housing choices for everyone in our city.

Establish an Affordable Housing Reserve Fund Program
We’re committed to making sure everyone has a place to call home. That’s why through this funding, we’ll be developing a special fund to support the creation and preservation of affordable housing.

Complete a Municipal Asset Management Review
To develop, we need to ensure our infrastructure is ready. Through this funding, we’ll be taking a closer look at the city’s infrastructure, such as water and sewer systems, to make sure when our developers are ready, so are we. By reviewing our infrastructure and investments, we can make smarter decisions that benefit everyone in Mount Pearl.

Enhancing Relationship Management
There are many moving parts to housing developments, and those moving parts can sometimes present roadblocks or challenges to development. Through this funding, the city aims to establish a team dedicated to growth and development, ensuring developers have single points of contact. Whether it’s a question on permits, or implementing process improvements, we will want to remove red tape for developers, so you can focus on what’s important, housing.

Conduct a Housing Needs Assessment
Understanding the housing needs of our community is key to planning for the future. That’s why we’re conducting a thorough assessment to gather data and insights into how to meet the diverse housing needs of our current and future residents. This assessment will not only help the city but also be a useful tool for developers looking to do business with the City of Mount Pearl.

The above is just a snapshot of our planned projects, all in pursuit of reaching our target of 386 new housing units over the next three years. As we advance, more details will become available. We encourage you to continue to check back, stay informed, and provide your feedback so we can grow Mount Pearl, together – and welcome more people to our community.

Other Funding Resources

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Federal Government Funding Programs

Contact Information

For any new housing development inquiries or information on current projects and vacancies, contact Brian:

Brian Power
Economic Development & Marketing Officer
(709) 682-6618

Jonathon Delaney
Development Inspector
(709) 748-1224

Jeremy Schwartz
Manager of Economic Development & Housing
(709) 748-1117