Open Calls for Bids


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TP-18-041 Supply and Delivery of Three Hundred (300) Snow Plow Blade Cutting Edges The scope of the work under this project generally includes the supply and delivery of snow plow blade cutting edges for the City 8:00 a.m., October 17, 2018 2:00 p.m., October 31, 2018
RFP-18-043 Medical Review Officer
Professional Services
The City of Mount Pearl is seeking proposals from a qualified and experienced medical professional to deliver support, advice, guidance and recommendations in the administration of the City’s occupational health services and component protocols, medical standards and guidelines; and occupational health and wellness policies, procedures, and forms. 8:00 a.m., October 30, 2018 3:00 p.m., November 13, 2018
RFP-18-044 Occupational Health Services Professional Services The objective of this call for proposals is to select a qualified medical facility/provider to deliver occupational health services as well as on-going monitoring, tracking and notification of follow up testing. 8:00 a.m., October 30, 2018 3:00 p.m., November 13, 2018

Information and Bid Documents are available at Mount Pearl City Hall, 3 Centennial Street, Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., or by contacting the Procurement Administrator at 709-748-1043. Bids must be submitted on the forms provided and contained in sealed envelopes, addressed to the Procurement Administrator, and clearly marked with the bidder’s name and tender/RFP number as listed above. Bids must be delivered to Mount Pearl City Hall no later than the closing time and date as specified. A public opening of bids will take place at City Hall at the closing time and date as specified above. The lowest, or any bid, is not necessarily accepted. Open calls for bids are located in the City of Mount Pearl unless otherwise specified. Please call the Procurement Administrator at 748-1043 for additional information.