Notice of Candidates

The official notice of candidates standing for election in the municipality of Mount Pearl has been finalized and can be seen below in a text-based list and on the graphic. 🗳

For Councillor, the confirmed candidates are:
Antle, Bill
French, Denise
Fry, Isabelle
Kieley, Nicole
Lane, Chelsea
Locke, Jim
Milmore, Sandra
Pearcey, Susan
Rice, Mark
Ryan, Terry
Walsh, Charlene
Wills, Mike

For Mayor, the confirmed candidates are:
Aker, Dave
Locke, Roy

This is a great time to remind residents that you can vote in our upcoming municipal election by mail! 📫

Request your vote by mail kit online today. Please note:
🆔 To request a vote by mail kit, you must submit acceptable identification (list available here:
⏲️ Deadline to request a vote by mail kit is September 15, 2021.
✉️ Once you request a vote by mail kit, you can only vote in this way (you cannot vote on election day or at the advance poll).
📅 You can expect to receive the kit in September.

To request a vote by mail kit, please click here: