Call for Election Workers

To run a municipal election, it takes a big team of workers. We are seeking deputy returning officers and poll clerks to work on September 28, 2021. Please see details on each position, working conditions, and how to apply below!

Job Descriptions

Deputy Returning Officer
The Deputy Returning Officer is responsible for the administration of the polling division to which you have been assigned. The specific responsibilities of the Deputy Returning Officer include, but are not limited to:

  • The opening and closing of the poll
  • The taking and counting of votes at the particular polling division, and
  • The delivering of the sealed ballot box (es) and the statement of the polling division to the Returning Officer subsequent to the counting of the votes.

Poll Clerk
The Poll Clerk, while generally being responsible to assist the Returning Officer or Deputy Returning Officer in the administration of the polling division is primarily responsible for the proper maintenance of the poll book.

Working Conditions

Long hours are typical on Election Day (September 28), starting at 7:30 AM and sometimes ending after 9:00 PM.  Election workers cannot leave the polling station for any reason on Election Day including meals which must be brought with you. If you are a successful applicant, you must attend a training session.

How to Apply?

Forward a written request including your name, address, position applied for, and previous work experience to elections@mountpearl.caIt is important to note that an election worker cannot voluntarily, or for pay, work or intend to work on the campaign of a candidate in the election.  If your application is successful and your services are required, you will be contacted between by early September with an offer of a position.