City Announces Scaled Taxation Program, Community Hackathon and New Business Incubator

Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador – On Wednesday, May 1st, the City of Mount Pearl unveiled several initiatives designed to support and grow the local business community during an event held in celebration of Newfoundland and Labrador Innovation Week. Announcements included a new Business Innovation Advisory Board, a scaled taxation program, a province-wide hackathon, and the opening of an office space for start-ups and small businesses.

“The City of Mount Pearl has an open for business policy,” said Mayor Dave Aker. “For years we have worked hard to bring businesses to our City and most importantly keep them here. The announcements we made today demonstrate a renewed commitment to supporting our valued business community.”

The City’s new Business Innovation Advisory Board is comprised of 8 members who will provide continuous feedback and recommendations to City staff and Council on economic development plans. Board members include Maurice Tuff, Ruth Bell-Steinhauer, James Loder, Steve Kavanagh, Erin O’Brien, Paul Preston, Jesse DeVilla, and David Chesney.

A scaled taxation program was launched today that is designed to help new businesses establish a home in Mount Pearl by assisting with financial support. The program offers successful applicants in the craft, technology, and retail sectors, a four-year scaled tax break to a maximum of $5,000 annually.

“The City recognizes all of the obstacles facing entrepreneurs,” continued Mayor Aker. “The first few years of business can be challenging, and this scaled taxation program is our way of supporting new business owners take that critical step to opening their doors in Mount Pearl.”

The City of Mount Pearl unveiled plans today to host a Hackathon, Hacking Communities, at the Reid Centre in November 2019. The City of Mount Pearl will be bringing together participants from all over the province to create innovative and digital solutions to further advance services and operations of municipal governments.

Furthering the commitment to innovation and smart cities technology, through the A1Next initiative, the City also announced the opening of a new collaborative working space for entrepreneurs, early-stage start-ups and freelancers. The space will open its doors in September and will have over 30 seats available to provide innovators with a dynamic and collaborative working environment.

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