Mount Pearl Seeking Nomination for St. John’s International Airport Authority Board of Directors

As a regional stakeholder, the City of Mount Pearl has representation on the St. John’s International Airport Authority (SJIAA) Board of Directors. The city is currently seeking expressions of interest from those who meet the qualifications identified below. All submissions will be reviewed by Council and three nominees will be selected for consideration by the Board.

About the SJIAA Board of Directors

The role of the SJIAA Board of Directors is to guide the strategic direction for the Airport Authority. The community’s interests are represented through a diverse Board of 12 Directors, nominated by various stakeholders in the region.

What are the Qualifications?

As the SJIAA works to move forward in a post COVID-19 operating environment, they are seeking individuals with who possess professional certifications in accounting, finance, engineering or notable business experience. The Board supports gender and cultural diversity in the selection process.

How to Apply

Please submit your resume to by September 17th, 2021. In your email submission, please tell us about your connection to Mount Pearl and why you are interested in representing our community on the SJIAA Board of Directors.