Plan the Pearl: Mount Pearl Municipal Plan Renewal

Help us Plan the Pearl!

We are embarking on a journey to renew our Municipal Plan and develop a new Integrated Transportation/Mobility Plan. While the term “Municipal Plan” may not sound thrilling, it’s actually one of our most crucial documents.

A new Municipal Plan will guide us forward into the next decade and serve as a blueprint for our city’s growth and development. We are re-creating our development regulations – regulations that will become the roadmap for embracing innovative housing and business opportunities, and incorporate transportation needs. We’re going to look at things like:

  1. Innovative zoning for higher densities, infill development, and re-development

  2. Public transit needs

  3. Public parking requirements

  4. Changing restrictions on height, setbacks, and building floor areas.

Over the coming months, there will be opportunities for you to get involved and give us your insight. After all, it’s about the future of your City! By staying proactive and adaptive, we can ensure that our community remains vibrant, resilient, and sustainable for generations.

Please visit our project website at to see how you can get involved!