Small Business Supporting Small Business Contest!

Win a free business consultation session!

This year, Small Business Week is focused on seizing the opportunity to build the way forward. As we look to the future, the importance of collaboration and innovation in business has never been more important.

To help strengthen and foster our entrepreneurial community, we are offering you the chance to win a one-on-one consultation session with some great local companies in the areas of accounting, human resources, marketing, or health and safety.

Winners in each category will also receive a 1-year membership to the Mount Pearl Paradise Chamber of Commerce. (Already have a membership? You can pass it along to a small business that would appreciate it!)

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We specialize in setting up and supporting clients using cloud-based accounting system with linkages to POS systems, web stores, and other management systems etc. These types of adaptions to traditional accounting enable businesses to build better, more resilient and efficient systems to run the businesses, while getting them more “relevant and reliable information” to make important decisions in running their businesses. This has been especially important with the pivots that have been, and will continue to be vital for businesses if they need to make decisions but “just need the right information”. Capturing that “right information” enables us to assist with profitability analysis so that the business owner can be assured whether they are making the profit they should, and can identify the strengths and weaknesses to achieve the best possible results!
People stuff offers Adaptable HR services for small businesses. Everything from retainer agreements, project work, consulting work or setting up your HR programs. Whatever your budget is, we can help you with your HR and operation needs.
We are Rogue Penguins – artists and collaborators – with more than 30 years of marketing experience. But we’re not your average agency. Just like our namesake, we’re compact, efficient, powerful, and not to be underestimated. We’re the most agile and versatile creatures you’ll encounter. Plus, we look great in black and white. For this prize, they’ll be giving away a one-hour CUSTOMIZED social media training session. 

We offer Safety Training courses that will benefit all skilled trades as well as the oil fields; Offshore and Onshore. We offer Fall Protection equipment inspections, Fall Protection system consultation and installs, Confined Space Rescue stand by services, Qualitative Fit testing, Gas Detection and Monitoring and accident investigations. We have also created our own training brand called “EASY Safety System” that has a very unique teaching format for mature learners which targets all learning styles, even those with literacy issues. We train people to teach our programs and help them start their own safety businesses.