Spruce Avenue Construction 2023

Updated: May 5, 2023

Starting in April 2023, Dexter Construction will begin construction work on Spruce Avenue (from Croucher Crescent to Commander Place) on behalf of the City of Mount Pearl. These upgrades will ensure the consistent delivery of important municipal services. We will do our best to limit disruptions, however, while construction is ongoing, you may experience temporary loss of water service, impacts to traffic, and brief restrictions to driveway access. Communication is an important part of this process, and we want to ensure you know what to expect during this time. 



Please note the following project timeline, which is subject to change based on operational requirements or weather:

Construction is scheduled to begin on April 24th, 2023 and end on October 25th, 2023. Prior to construction, you may notice equipment or materials placed in the area in preparation for the project.


The contractor is permitted to work within the hours specified in the City’s Noise By-law (7:00 am to 11:00 pm). Daily schedules may vary depending on weather conditions.



This street project will include replacement of underground services, new pavement and concrete, curb and gutter, and water and sewer. In order to accommodate the upgrading work, residents can expect some temporary inconveniences:

Utility Disruptions

  • Please note there may be instances of temporary disruption to power and/or water services to allow for completion of ongoing work. 24 hours notice will be provided to impacted residents, unless in cases of emergency.
  • The contractor will need access to all residential properties to establish a temporary water connection during construction.

Curbs & Driveways

  • You may notice spray paint markings (generally red) on the concrete; these markings designate areas of curb and gutter or sidewalk to be removed and replaced;
  • You may notice removal of sidewalk that doesn’t appear to be damaged; following an assessment, it may be determined that localized replacement of sidewalk is most cost-effective;
  • A portion of your driveway may be removed; this portion is typically located within the public right of way. The city will replace the portion removed;
  • There may be periods when you may not have access to your driveway to allow for curing of the concrete;
  • Replacement of the sidewalk, curb and gutter may also require removal of some lawn area. The city will replace impacted lawn sections;


  • The contractor will place signs prior to placing tack (tar) coating on the street. Motorists and
    pedestrians (children, pets) should avoid contact with the coating at all times. The city is not responsible for any damages;
  • Manholes may be raised resulting in small bumps in the road surface. These temporary obstructions will not cause damage to vehicles travelling within the posted speed limit.


  • During the work day, there may be one-way alternating traffic control by flag persons;
  • On-street parking of vehicles may not be available during some stages of construction.







To communicate construction updates to residents, the city/contractor will use the following methods:

  • Regular updates to this webpage
  • Citizen Alert, which includes phone calls, text messages, and/or emails directly to those who sign up. To sign up, click here.
  • Social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Physical letters (Delivered prior to substantial disruption)



The City of Mount Pearl appreciates the cooperation and understanding of its residents and the general public during this project. Please forward any inquiries to:

(709) 748-1000