As the hub of industrial activity in the region with a stable 40-year history, Donovans Business Park is easily one of our City’s most valuable assets. Its core strength lies in its existing business base as it covers 470 acres of land, employs upwards of 6,000 people, and contributes almost 30% of business and property tax to the City of Mount Pearl.

In 2020, the City of Mount Pearl unveiled Consider It Donovans, a proposed reimagination plan for Donovans Business Park. To solidify a real presence with people and businesses, we sought out a unifying name and brand for the park. The strength of Donovans is simple; do work here, and get it done in Donovans.

Over the years, Donovans has established a reputation as a business hub, and the name already had equity with people throughout the Avalon region. Because of this, the name was simplified from Donovans Business Park to just Donovans.



In the fall of 2019, we conducted extensive engagement with businesses in Donovans, including two brain storming sessions and a comprehensive survey of over 100 businesses. We also conducted an analysis of industry sectors, including current and future trends provincially, nationally, and internationally.

The result is our Consider It Donovans Reimagination Plan, which will position our business park to be at the forefront of industrial innovation within the Avalon region. It contains an action plan that will create the necessary conditions for innovation to continue to thrive within the business park, and ensures that businesses and their employees will be proud to work in Donovans.

We will be working with our business community to prioritize and further develop our short, medium, and long-term goals outlined in the plan.

Click below to view a summary of the findings. 

Thank you for being part of Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest business park. We look forward to building a better Donovans, together.

If you have questions or would like to get involved, please contact:

Jeremy Schwartz
Marketing and Economic Development Officer
P 709 748 1117