Kenmount Hill Comprehensive Development Scheme Amendments

Kenmount Hill Comprehensive Development Scheme Amendments

The intention of the proposed amendments is to change the land use designation and the zoning of the lands currently zoned “CDA-Kenmount Hill” to residential or commercial designations and zones to give Council the authority to consider future applications for development in that part of the City.

For more details please view the documents listed below or contact Catherine Howell, Manager of Development and Planning, at or call 748-1023.

Proposed CDS Background Report
Proposed CDS Amendment
Proposed Designations Map
Proposed Land Uses Map
Proposed Zoning Map
Constraints Map
Open House Presentation Boards
History of Kenmount Hill
Kenmount Hill Traffic Impact Study
Kenmount Hill Public Hearing Presentation
Kenmount Hill Public Hearing Received Written Representation
Commissioner’s Report – Kenmount Hill CDS (NEW)
City’s Response to Commissioner’s Report (NEW)


When will the traffic study be made available? Will there be a presentation on the results?

The Traffic Impact Study is public and can be found above. There will be no formal presentation on its results.

Is there a safety plan for the Montclair Playground?

We value your feedback and take safety very seriously. To that end, City Council are prepared to implement traffic calming measures on Montclair Street within the vicinity of the playground, including the installation of safety bollards at the perimeter of the playground, increased signage and the addition of a sidewalk in front of the playground area.

The City references that 40% of the development will be open space. What percentage of the development will be open space that is not already constrained as wetland/buffer conservation space, required detention ponds, areas with slopes of 15% or greater, or infrastructure buffer areas such as the 200 metres surrounding the telecommunication towers given its potential for radio frequency interference and hazards to human health? Is the land allocated to open space the minimum 10% non-constrained land as per the Municipal regulations?

An important part of the planning process is the Subdivision development permit review. All details around open space, snow storage, and detention pond locations are calculated, analyzed, and determined during this part of the process.

With respect to parks and trails and open space, what is the plan for the new development?

The City will be developing the Parks and Recreation Master Plan in the fall of 2018 and the Kenmount Hill CDS development area will be included in this plan. The framework for open space and recreational areas is accommodated within the zoning plan, which will provide the use zones to develop these types of uses.

The Department of Community Development will be holding a public engagement session to solicit feedback from residents on the plan development. Once a date has been set, residents will be notified through the City’s website, social media, and advertisements in The Pearl.

Does the City of Mount Pearl have an Urban Forestry Plan?

Currently the City does not have an Urban Forestry Master Plan.

Has there been an environmental assessment of the proposed development?

There was no separate environmental assessment; however, the Kenmount Hill Comprehensive Development Scheme Background Report prepared by TRACT Consulting Ltd. included environmental impacts of the scheme.

What is the overall integration plan for the Blackmarsh Road development area adjacent to the Kenmount Hill CDS? What is the integration plan, or at least impact analysis, of the proposed large-scale St. John’s adjacent development?

Currently there is no plan to integrate the Blackmarsh Road North and Kenmount Hill development areas. Presently, no plans to integrate with the adjacent St. John’s development.