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Ongoing Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing

The City of Mount Pearl wishes to notify residents that Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing will be taking place throughout various neighborhoods i...

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Flood Risk Maps of Waterford River

The Provincial Government has released a flood risk mapping study of the Waterford River and its major tributaries. The City of Mount Pearl ...

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Kenmount Hill Comprehensive Development Scheme Amendments

Kenmount Hill Comprehensive Development Scheme Amendments The intention of the proposed amendments is to change the land use designation and...

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Ruth Avenue Interchange Roundabout

January 8, 2018 The construction of the roundabout at Ruth Avenue is currently halted for the winter months, and will recommence in the spri...

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Commonwealth Avenue, Topsail Road & Blackmarsh Road Construction Projects

The City is now undertaking major infrastructure improvements, which will create a safer, smoother and more efficient transportation network...

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Protocols / Timelines for Public Meetings

Public Notification Timelines Protocols for Public Meetings The purpose of the City’s public meeting or briefing session is to provide the...

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