Recreation Facilities

Mount Pearl has become a leading sports destination. Click on our video below to see why! 

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Glacier Arena

45 Olympic Dr.
Mount Pearl, NL
(709) 748-1100

Gloria Pearson Community Centre

25 Holden Street
Mount Pearl, NL
(709) 748-3775

Park Place Community Centre

61 Park Avenue
Mount Pearl, NL
(709) 748-1190

Pearlgate Track and Field

120 Old Placentia Road
Mount Pearl, NL
(709) 748-1084

Reid Community Centre

Located inside the Summit Centre
126 Smallwood Drive
Mount Pearl, NL
(709) 748-1002

Soccer Hut

44 Arena Road
Mount Pearl, NL
(709) 364-9793

St. David’s Tennis Complex

8 First Street
Mount Pearl, NL
(709) 748-1014
Rentals: (709) 682-8307

Summit Centre (Fitness and Swimming Pools)

126 Smallwood Drive
Mount Pearl, NL
(709) 748-1002

Team Gushue Softball Building

28 Arena Road
Mount Pearl
(709) 748-1014


  • Ed Moyst Soccer Field, Team Gushue Sportsplex
  • Richard Levandier Softball Field, Team Gushue Sportsplex
  • Senior Baseball Field, Team Gushue Sportsplex
  • Squire Softball Field, Stapleton Road
  • Rugby Pitch, Ruth Avenue Sportsplex
  • Beach Volleyball Court, Ruth Avenue & Westminster
  • Greenwood Minor Field, Old Placentia Road