Bulk Garbage

Prescheduled bulk garbage collection will begin in May and June 2024

Collection takes place on Mondays and may take up to one week to complete. To determine your bulk collection day, please use the street selector tool below.

If you require collection at any other time, you may request a special pick-up service (Mondays only), which requires a pre-paid fee of $25 for each service. To book a service, please call 748-1000 to pay the fee and arrange a pick-up date.

Bulk items must not be placed on the curb until the evening before the scheduled pick-up day.  Residents also have the option to store their items until the next annual free collection, or to bring their items to the Robin Hood Bay landfill, 340 East White Hills Road.

To ensure maximum efficiency, the city is divided into five zones for bulk garbage collection. Each zone receives collection on a specific day, as indicated below.

What’s Accepted


  • Mattresses/box springs (must be sealed in a plastic bag)
  • Sofas, chairs, furniture
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Carpet
  • Garden Waste/Small Branches/Twigs (enclosed in a regular clear garbage bag)
  • Wood waste (trees, branches, small logs)
  • Glass, securely packaged
  • Minor renovation materials
  • Other bulk items normally associated with a household

NOT Accepted

  • Construction/building materials
  • Concrete
  • Landscaping materials
  • Any items with nails not removed
  • Oil products
  • Auto parts
  • Loose materials not bundled or boxed or in clear bags
  • Tires (with or without rims)

Bulk Garbage Zones

If you would like to know your zone, simply select your street from the drop-down menu or view the bulk garbage zone map.

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2024 Bulk Garbage Collection Schedule 

Zone 1 Monday, June 3 
Zone 2 Monday, June 10
Zone 3 Monday, May 27
Zone 4 Tuesday, June 25
Zone 5 Monday, June 17

Bulk Garbage Guidelines

  • Items can be placed at the curb on the evening before your collection day. Items are not allowed at the curb earlier than this time.
  • Items must be placed at the curb by 8 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Loose materials must be bundled, boxed or in clear bags and must not exceed 22kg (50lbs).
  • Items not intended for bulk collection should be removed from the curb.
  • Residents must separate metals from other bulk garbage.
  • Consider donating quality, gently used furniture to local charities:
  • Wood Waste Guidelines – logs must be a diameter of six (6) inches or less, a length of four (4) feet or less, and must be neatly stacked and free of items not accepted as follows:
    • Construction or building materials, anything that contains dirt, sand, gravel, or rocks, materials that contain metal (nails, screws, fencing), string, or other human-made materials.
    • Wood waste that is lumber, fence posts, signs, roots, root wads, stumps, or anything that grows below the soil.

Search your item below for more specific details on what’s accepted: