Wood Chipping and Mulching

Residential Wood Chipping and Mulching Program

As part of the city’s bulk collection schedule, the City of Mount Pearl is offering a free chipping program for residents who want to remove wood waste (trees, branches and small logs) from their property.

The program will assist in the prevention of debris burns, will help improve air quality, and reduce fire risk. The material can be placed curbside on your regularly-scheduled bulk garbage collection day, and will be picked up by our team.

What is the process?

  1. During Bulk Garbage Collection – The city will collect wood waste on your regularly scheduled bulk garbage collection date. Simply place your wood waste to the curb in a separate pile and it will be collected and chipped. All residents receive one scheduled bulk garbage collection per year in the spring. See the Bulk Garbage Collection Schedule for the date for your zone, and plan to have your wood waste prepared in time for your bulk garbage collection day.
  2. By Appointment – If you missed your bulk garbage date for disposing of wood waste, you may schedule a special pickup at a fee of $25.00 by calling us at 748-1000.
  3. Christmas Tree Collection – The city will collect your Christmas tree, and will arrange for chipping/mulching of the Christmas trees. Just place your tree, free of ornaments and tinsel, etc., at the curb during the month of January.

How do I prepare?

Accepted materials include trees, tree branches, small-diameter logs, and brush (cut away from root mass). These are to be bundled and tied and placed at the curb but not on the sidewalk or roadway.

Please note the following items are not accepted:

  • Logs or branches with a diameter greater than six (6) inches
  • Construction, building or other human-made materials
  • Lumber, fence posts or signs
  • Roots, root wads, stumps or anything that grows below the soil
  • Materials that contain dirt, sand, gravel or rocks
  • Materials that contain any metal (nails, screws, fencing), or other human-made materials

Benefits of Mulching

Wood waste is a valuable natural resource, which can help build healthy soil and conserve water. Incorporating mulch into existing soils will significantly improve soil structure, increase water-holding capacity, and provide nutrients. All collected wood chips/mulch will be used for the city’s public parks, gardens, and landscaped plantings.